For RMA members only:

To create your own RMALA Events email blast and support RMALA:

Send the following information via email


Include event date, time, location, etc. You may include outside links within your text, but please limit this to 2 links.


You may optionally submit a graphic in any size and format (jpg, pdf, etc). Large graphics are okay but will be resized to fit the email (max width of 550 pixels). Graphics in portrait orientation (see example) work well. Size reduction is more noticeable in graphics that are landscape (see example). Text within landscape graphics is often reduced to a font size that is illegible. If you suspect this will be the case with your graphic, just type the text and submit it along with the graphic so that it can appear below the graphic in a larger font size. Limit of 2 graphics per blast.

Date & Time of Email(s)

Please specify the date and time when you would like your email(s) to be sent – any time, day or night. If you’d like it sent immediately, please be aware that it may take between 24-48 hours before the first email is sent.


RMALA Events email blasts are $50. You may opt for a 2nd send of the same email blast for an additional $20 – total $70. (Grammy nomination announcements are limited to one send.) Payments must be received before your email can be delivered. You can easily make your payment online by visiting this payments page. Select “One Time Email $50” or “2 Emails $70” from the drop down list, then click “Online Ads.” If you prefer to make your payment by phone, please call the RMALA office directly – 323-462-4762.



  • Text (include event date, time, location, etc)
  • Graphic (any format or size)
  • Date and time (for 1st and, if applicable, 2nd email)
  • Make a payment to RMALA

Thank you for your support of RMALA!

The RMALA Team