We invite you to join RMALA, the flagship chapter of the Recording Musicians Association, and add your voice and your strengths to our community.  

California spends 330 million dollars a year on film and tv tax credits, and musicians need to share in the benefit. Working with Local 47, we have been to Sacramento, City Hall, the Federation of Labor – and we’re still on it. 

Currently we are in the midst of Live TV/Videotape negotiations, and moving into high gear for our Motion Picture and TV negotiations next year. RMALA helps you have a voice at the table. 

As an RMA member, you will receive our very informative newsletters and be invited to our membership meetings where you can get to know some of the world’s finest recording musicians. Here ideas are forged involving the future directions of our industry. You will also have the opportunity to become a more vital part of our community by volunteering your special expertise to our organization. 

You can join at our first time member level of $75 for your first year. 

Our volunteer board members are all active recording musicians and our network of official and informal committees are deeply involved in the business of promoting and selling our product to the industry. We are hard at work with the media, the agents, the producers, the legislature, at international film festivals, on the Internet, with the record labels and in the advertising community. 

The Recording Musicians’ Association greatest strength is that it represents all recording situations, and embraces the issues of all its diverse members. We continue to work with numerous coalitions and do ongoing lobbying in Congress and the State Legislature. We need your input and your help!   

You are the future of the RMA. 

We are in this together. 


Steve Dress
President, RMALA