The Recording Musicians Association (RMA) is a non-profit advocacy organization for the Recording Arts and the role they play in our country’s artistic and economic life. RMA counts among its members the most recorded musicians in the world. Whether you are listening to a Hollywood film score, a country record from Nashville, a TV show live from New York or a Latin pop record from Miami, you are without doubt hearing the skill and talent of RMA members.


RMALA, has many hundreds of members who are active in education and outreach to young composers, songwriters and instrumentalists through mentoring, scholarship programs and workplace training programs. Some of these projects been done in conjunction with ETM-LA, Harmony Project, YOLA, ASCAP, NARAS, The American Federation of Musicians, BMI and others.


RMA representatives are directly involved in every issue that that affects studio musicians and their employers – contract negotiations – monitoring royalty funds – pursuing copyright protections as well as educating the public and government officials on the State and Federal level about the damage that can be done to artists if film piracy and music piracy go unchecked.


Our voice is often heard in Sacramento where we are tireless supporters for the arts and music education. RMA leaders continue to work at the forefront of the effort to include musicians jobs and music scoring in the California Film & TV Tax Incentive program, in order to bring more employment to our musicians, strengthen our Pension Fund, and ensure the future of AFM recording in Hollywood.